As a PTO, we raise money to supplement our students’ educational activities providing support for: field trips, the school garden, the school library, warm clothing for students in need, and community engagement opportunities.

The fundraising we do as a PTO is greatly appreciated and quite necessary. Nearly 80% of our students live in poverty and more and more of our learners enter our school from area homeless shelters. In spite of these challenges, our students come to school excited to learn.  We want to make sure we are doing our part to support them.

Given our collective commitment to the neighborhood and students, we wanted to reach out to you to ask you to consider making a pledge to help us support EECS students with a tax-deductible contribution.

You can donate online with this link or via checks made out to the EECS PTO and mailed to East End School at 195 North Street | Portland,  ME 04101.